The Aaron Meme

The Aaron Meme is what I call my network of websites.  These are all sites that are owned and operated by myself and that are usually featuring content (articles, blog posts, etc.) by myself.

The following are my websites in alphabetical order with the latest posts from that site shown underneath.  Clicking on any of the posts or the site titles will lead you to the website in question.  Each of these sites features the Aaron Meme logo in its sidebar, which will bring you back here.

Aarons EnvironMental Corner
Where I put the Mental into Environmental, talking about several things environment-related. Admittedly, lately I rarely write original content here other than for product reviews, but I still add commentary to re-posts I’ve added. Here’s the latest:
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A sort of rolling portfolio of my automotive writing, this site publishes snippets of the previous weeks’ publications in automotive. With automotive being my focus now, this site is the busiest of my websites.
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Green Big Truck
Alternative fuels, power trains, and other technologies for the transportation industry. Focusing on big rigs, buses, and trains, this website is everything fuel-saving and future-looking for transport.
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Sites which I own, but do not write the majority of content for:

Car News Cafe
A new look at automotive news, this site was co-founded by myself and a handful of other car writers with a less traditional perspective on automotive journalism.

This site focuses on electric vehicles (EV) exclusively, but also features a lot of my commentary on the automotive industry in general. It will also includes web-wide headlines meme for electric vehicles.
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Health News Site
A news aggregation site for all things related to health. Pulls news feeds from a variety of mainstream, alternative, and other sources. It’s automatic and in near-real-time and links directly to the source.