05/01/2011 (10:57 pm)

What Is Going On, Aaron?

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I’ve had a few emails these past weeks asking me what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t posted to my blog here in quite a while.  Long story short, I’m extremely busy.  Being a stay-at-home dad took its toll on my schedule, but that was just the beginning.  Big new opportunities and work have also hogged up my time.

Things are beginning to even out now, thanks to some changes here at home and a better schedule on my part.  I’ve also got some great projects going on that are right up my alley and will be both bank account and career boosters, I think.

First, I’m currently writing two books meant for electronic distribution (e-books).  They’ll be in the 50 page range.  The first is a disaster and emergency preparedness guide for those who are seeing the writing on the wall around them and now deciding they need to at least be ready for natural disasters and similar problems that will cut them off from the grocery store and maybe the electrical grid for a while.

That book will release in the next couple of weeks through my partners at Truth2America.com, where I’ve been named chief writer and will be starting a monthly preparedness newsletter soon.

The other is a guide to holistic health and wellness.  That will be a sort of beginner’s introduction to the concepts of holistic health and wellness and will release through the Health Freedom Network, where I’ve been named editor of their monthly newsletter as well as chief writer for the new website they’re putting together.  That book will likely be complete by the end of May.

I’m still writing for FutureCars.com and have been tasked with writing topic-specific articles there as well as on their affiliated website 10w40.com.

That’s all in addition to the usual ghost writing, editing, and other work I do. Plus my own websites: AaronsEnvironmental.com, GreenBigTruck.com, AboutAlternativeCars.com, HiddenHealthScience.com, FishyGameReviews.com, etc.

So life is busy, but good.  :)

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